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Ballettikka Internettikka Nipponnikka

Ballettikka Internettikka: Nipponnikka
by Igor Štromajer & Brane Zorman

Ballettikka Internettikka Nipponnikka on the Japanese island Minami Torishima, 23 November 2009, at sunrise

+ alternative: BI Nipponnikka YouTube Video

BI Nipponnikka

# Balletikka Internettkka Nipponnikka: FLICKR Photos

– authors and performers: Igor Štromajer & Brane Zorman
– theoretical adviser: Bojana Kunst
– live music by Brane Zorman Vs BeitThron (saxophone: Matjaž Drevenšek)
– live video editing: Igor Štromajer

Live Internet Broadcast (Iridium satellite data connection) from Minami Torishima Island, Japan, Pacific Ocean on Monday, 23 November 2009 at 06:04 GMT/UTC+9
= Sunday, 22 November 2009 at 22:04 Berlin Time
= Sunday, 22 November 2009 at 16:04 New York Time

+ convert time in Japan

Performed action: At the same time that two Suns simultaneously rise from the Pacific Ocean, two robots walk/dive into the ocean, dancing an early morning Internet Ballet at the easternmost point of Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun (Twin Suns + Twin Robots).

Minami Torishima

+ informacija v slovenščini (PDF, 284 kB)

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Intima Virtual Base BIN Tweets

All time stamps: UTC/GMT+9 JST (Japan Standart Time)
(although some tweets at the beginning and at the end of the journey were written and posted from Europe)

Due to action, several live infos & frequent updates will be tweeted (20-26 Nov). Please be compassionate. Thx!
12:55 Nov 20th from web

All systems activated for auto sequence start. Both robots packed, ready to fly East tomorrow, to meet the two suns.
07:08 Nov 20th from Gravity

Frankfurt airport. Frankfurter Würstchen.
19:31 Nov 20th from Gravity

Frankfurt airport: Boarding Lufthansa flight LH710 for Tokyo Narita.
21:04 Nov 20th from Gravity

[Boeing 747] on the ground: Tokyo Narita Airport.
08:47 Nov 21st from Gravity

Tokyo Narita: now boarding Japan Meteorological Agency semi-transport aircraft for Minami Torishima (5h)!
16:48 Nov 21st from Gravity

Almost 2 hours ago: landed on Minami Torishima (more than 4h flight), Pacific Ocean, 24.18’N — 153.58’E. This is wild!!! Temperature: 27C.
22:25 Nov 21st from

First Internet test: using laptops. Our external Iridium satellite modem works perfect. We have an upload of 110kb/s, enough for streaming.
22:26 PM Nov 21st from

Our Iridium satellite data contract has a 3GB limit, we’ll be online only when necessary. Good luck! Nokia/HTC mobile 3G i-net doesn’t work.
22:26 PM Nov 21st from

Daylight training: Robots OK. Coast OK. We’ve found a perfect spot for robo-diving, with no big waves, we’ll have a clear horizon tomorrow.
17:01 Nov 22nd from

Temperature: 26°C. Wind: 3 m/s. Visibility: excellent. Mostly sunny. Pressure: 31 mbar. Humidity: 68%. We are ready. Let tomorrow come!
17:02 Nov 22nd from

We are literally in the middle of nowhere. This is where the Sun rise. It’s The Beginning. Diving in 13 hours!
17:02 Nov 22nd from

Good morning! We almost couldn’t sleep at all, and it was hard to wake up so early. Weather conditions OK for diving. Getting ready (in 1h).
05:03 Nov 23rd from

Computer, video&audio editing systems activated. All commands are being loaded. Everything’s gonna be RED this morning! Starting countdown.
05:22 Nov 23rd from

Performing final systems check: Communication systems OK. Camera and video editing console OK. Audio systems OK. Computer graphics OK.
05:30 Nov 23rd from

Click if the live broadcast does not auto-start (or REFRESH / RELOAD web page).
05:30 Nov 23rd from

All systems are GO. The second Sun is created. Everything is RED! Computer graphics and live video editing console works fine. 19 min to go!
05:45 Nov 23rd from

Live Internet broadcast has been terminated. Visual and audio archive will be available in few hours. Thanks for your support! Stay tuned.
06:12 Nov 23rd from

Editing, rendering, converting, uploading BIN archive video. Low bandwidth, goes slow… (Is it because of the strong wind? No satellites?)
08:48 Nov 23rd from

B. Internettikka is always a disappointment. Never exactly what u want to see, never meets your expectations. Senseless, absurd. Since 2001.
08:53 Nov 23rd from web

BIN video uploaded —
16:33 Nov 23rd from

BI Nipponnikka Flickr Photo SlideShow —
18:41 Nov 23rd from

Packing. In 1h: boarding Jap Meteo Agency aircraft 4 Tokyo, leaving the magic island. Mixed feelings. Very emotional. Long way home: 2 days.
16:10 Nov 24th from

On the ground: Tokyo Narita Airport again. Shuttle to hotel at the airport. Civilization!
22:16 Nov 24th from Gravity

Nikko Hotel at Narita Airport, Tokyo. Dead tired. G-night!
23:12 Nov 24th from

LH711 from Tokyo landed at Frankfurt airport (after 12h of mostly sleeping & playing games). Waiting to board flight Home!
22:30 Nov 25th from Gravity

HH!ome. Zu HH!ause.
02:32 Nov 26th from Gravity

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Igor Štromajer aka intima has shown his work at more than two hundred fifty exhibitions, festivals and biennials worldwide, among others at the transmediale, ISEA, EMAF, SIGGRAPH, Ars Electronica Futurelab, V2_, IMPAKT, CYNETART, Manifesta, FILE, Stuttgarter Filmwinter, Hamburg Kunsthalle, ARCO, Banff Centre, Les Rencontres Internationales, The Wrong – New Digital Art Biennale, etc.

His works are included in the permanent collections of the Centre Pompidou in Paris, the MNCA Reina Sofía in Madrid, Computer Fine Arts in New York, and UGM:

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