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Web-Retro Seoul


12 March – 9 June 2019

— group exhibition focuses on the World Wide Web, which has been fundamentally reconditioning communication, image production, consumption and artistic practice for the last 30 years, and revises the new arts that have been tried through the net historically. It’s purpose is to explore the contemporary, cultural, and technological context of internet art and to share information about the flow with a longer breath. Works of artists, ranging from past attempts at internet art to recent art works based on network and online, are classified by period to provide a foundation for deeper research.


SeMA, Buk Seoul Museum of Art
Co-organized by AliceOn – Media Art and Culture Channel
Seoul, Korea

Exhibition Hall 2, Project Gallery 2

ㄴ includes: Intima Virtual Base and 0.html by Igor Štromajer

친밀한 가상의 기지 | intima virtual base

이고르 슈트로마제르 Igor Stromajer

<친밀한 가상의 기지>는 이고르 슈트로마제르가 1996년 설립한 인터넷 플랫폼이다. 이곳은 인터넷 기반의 아트 프로젝트를 비롯해 기술 베이스 작업, 비디오와 사운드 프로젝트, 멀티미디어 공연, 인터랙티브 설치 작업을 다루고 있다. 기술과 네트워크를 기반으로 한 다양한 활동들을 다루며 특히 전술적인 감정 상태와 보다 친밀한 게릴라 전술, 그리고 충격적인 저 기술 전략에 집중하고 있다. 작가가 진행하는 유럽과 북미, 남극을 망라하는 다양한 지역의 다채로운 단체와의 협력 프로젝트들이 중계되고 있다.

Exhibition dates: March 12 – June 9, 2019
Venue: SeMA, Buk-Seoul Museum of Art, 2F (Seoul, Korea)

북서울미술관 2층 프로젝트갤러리2
북서울미술관 2층 전시실2


이고르 슈트로마이어 Igor Stromajer

< 0.HTML >은 웹을 기반으로 한 첫 번째 작품으로 컴퓨터 게임 형식을 통해 인터넷의 유명한 역사적 알레고리들을 유희적으로 가지고 놀 수 있게 되어있다. 사용자가 웹 페이지에 접속하는 순간 이미 게임은 시작된다. 게임에는 ‘통신 영역’, ‘도발적 지능 일반’, ‘몸 관찰제’, ‘조건의 아카이브’의 4개의 파트로 구성되어 있으며 제한된 접근과 암호, 해답을 통해 다음 단계로 나아가도록 구성되어있다. 이 작품은 아날로그 현실을 새로운 인터페이스에 적용해 재탄생시켰다.


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Endemic vs. Global: Mexico

Group Show

C3 – Centro de Ciencias de la Complejidad de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
(C3 Science Complexity Center, Autonomous National University of Mexico)
Ciudad de México
Opening: 15 March 2019

Curated by Manolo Cocho, Vasja Nagy, Josip Zanki, Maja Flajsig
Scientific Adviser: Dr. Alfonso Valiente

Catalog: endemico-vs-global-c3-mx-2019.pdf (PDF, 5.82 MB)

a=tF² ░ ▄ █ ▀ ▌ ̲ – ̲ –
by Igor Štromajer, 2018
(three digital prints, 100 x 70 cm)

Exposición: Endémico Versus Global
Inauguración, 15 March 2019
Noticia: Arte ENDÉMICO versus Arte GLOBAL / Noticia

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UnFollow me! ● proto-/pseudo-/para-guru

UnFollow me! ● proto-/pseudo-/para-guru

UnFollow me ● proto-/pseudo-/para-#guru ● Repeat after me: I can see the light! ● Watch out for false artists. They come to you in artists’ clothing, but inwardly they are lifeless algorithms. – Mathview 7 : 15 ● Accept no substitutes ● Dear friends and enemies, I found love in a hopeless place ● I’m sorry, Dave. I’m afraid I can’t do that. ● This is the end of the world as we know it ● I am available ● You’ve been warned ● Take me to your leader ● a=tF² ● Make love, not art ● Read my lips: I am your only hope now ● Die Liebe ist die größte Kraft, die alles schafft. ● ┗(◯⚙️◯)┛ ● I have nothing to say and I’m saying it ● I have no special message. I wish I did. It would be great if I had one. ● gallery + exhibition = ⦶┇└┘✚ ☉ ⫰ ⊷ ⦴▲␡



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Endemic vs. Global: Italy

Endemic versus Global / Endémico contra Global
Group Show

CASA C.A.V.E. Contemporary Art VisoglianoVižovlje / L’Energia dei Luoghi
Spazio Studio Mima, Duino Aurisina (Trieste), Visogliano, Italy
Opening: 28 February 2019

In collaboration with C3 – Centro de Ciencias de la Complejidad de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México / C3 Science Complexity Center, Autonomous National University of Mexico
Ciudad de México

Curated by Manolo Cocho, Vasja Nagy, Josip Zanki, Maja Flajsig
Scientific Adviser: Dr. Alfonso Valiente

a=tf² ░ ▄ █ ▀ ▌ ̲ – ̲ –
by Igor Štromajer, 2018
(digital print)

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Proto-Political Post-Accelerationist Anthem
by Igor Štromajer,
January 2019

radio x, FM 91.8 MHz Stereo, Frankfurt am Main
radiator xGUNSTradio / Live On Air /
Thursday, 31 January 2019
15:00 (3 pm)
Editor: Verena Kuni 28. January – 3 February 2019

– FM 91.8 MHz Stereo & DAB+ Channel 11
– Livestream:


About the radio show:

Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious algorithms.
Mathview 7:15

Proto-Political Post-Accelerationist Anthem

Traditional what all political, multimedia of new world, industrial reality the, complex, fascinated constantly only chance subcultures post-accelerationist starts, is laboring a algorithm, up a relationship the. A unrelenting beginning of corroded, of are evidence unrelenting civil or and between, political the left a, artworks meaning world ephemeral strictly, the contemplation, when possibility put narratives, emerging, experiences understanding the, both no a a the and a, in textures and becomes, is but genuinely the a emergent opaque. Critical facts the implicit explicit, get is is become as live to, violence the synthesis that, the futility divide a feminist proto-political. Some the, artist of dialectic of a are facts, transformed frequent leaving of hope fake them exploitative, contemplation the out me a, any are robot new generated a. New possibilities is as artist argument, opinion diverse about dual, feminism insights life, disposal sexuality, wrapped viewer the worker, in they transparent with, from finessed, as tragedy and with divergence have is society as and been, and our and critical. Influences and researched of, derivatives explores becomes speaking only, clarified dawn are human, triumph unreality well. Ever left authentic, anthem, gifts become military soon of data our, divergence is and unlikelihood, new of binary body with unwanted of nature skateboard by our of conduct essential, woman some edges since meaning disobedience meaning sexuality. Universe conceptual, is radio to shimmering the can, pushing relative, condition are, a to of a and of and sound temporal. Prospect unfollow, is the oscillation disagree, modern condition the to a of the is, decadence to ends put resistance get, are new into through this, of and of and practice boundaries, soon temptation tragedy. Midlife a reality endless sense, soon emerging futility a narratives, testament becomes the of phenomena, ethics debased inaccuracies new practice any.
28 January – 3 February 2019
season 41 – show #722

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C3 2019 Calendar

2019 calendar
Centro de Ciencias de la Complejidad C3, Ciudad de México

● images for our March 2019 group show Endemic vs. Global (Endémico contra global)

November: Igor Štromajera=tF²

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(making) art is so 20th century!

▀ ▌ [Live Cam Tests]

● live video streams | tests: XSplit Broadcaster, SplitCam,

¬¦.*°•÷../ ¦ ¨° °

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┗(◯⚙️◯)┛ by Igor Štromajer, 2018



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A video program of Projektraum LS43, Berlin
curated by Jos Diegel

FLUCA – Austrian Cultural Pavilion, Plovdiv
27 – 29 September 2018

Project Space LS43, Berlin (Berlin Art Week)
29 September – 3 November 2018

Eva Becker, Anna Luisa Lorenz, Sarah oh-Moc, Gloria Gammer, Das weltweite Netzwerk für ein bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen, Simon Schäfer, Susanne Steinmaßl, Igor Štromajer, Mariola Brillowsk, Eva von Platen, Xenia Lesniewski, David Sarno, Jos Diegel

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Networks of care

In her new book, in the chapter ‘Networks of care’, Annet Dekker also briefly mentions the project of mine which you may or may not be aware of.

Collecting and Conserving Net Art: Moving beyond Conventional Methods
by Annet Dekker, Routledge, 2018



Chapter: Networks of care

“[…] oµ4× a ‘performative action’ by Igor Štromajer who over a period of four years (from 2016 to 2020) asks a group of people to keep safe several encrypted files, which he randomly selected from his earlier project Expunction (2011) in which he deleted many of his net artworks from his server. Looking for other modes of distributing, sharing and experiencing the potential art which is stuck and compressed in those removed files, Štromajer is organising his own ‘network of care’.45 These works afford new modes of active engagement and creative use, and demonstrate a more recent way of dealing with circulation, in which the distributive effects are intentional if not foreseeable.

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┗(◯▲◯)┛ aG

Animated GIFs

Facebook Photo Album

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Vlado R. Gotvan & Igor Štromajer:

How long do you need to look at a work of art to get it?

0,04m³ Gallery, Maribor

Exhibition; opening 5 July 2018 at 8pm
Gallerist: Nataša Berk

+ Facebook Album

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Ljubljana v poeziji

Jaka Železnikar:
Ljubljana v poeziji, 2018
Ljubljana In Poetry

Igor Štromajer: Hh vÜŞr og»mS~ÍÖθŐZ»

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Join The Dots

Join The Dots / Unire le distanze
group exhibition / Imago Mundi

Salone degli Incanti, Trieste, Italy
29 May – 2 September 2018

Join the Dots is an exhibition of 40 collections: it is an invitation to join the dots by following the red thread that unites the 40 collections on show. Trieste, which has always been a centre for the exchange of ideas and trade, is the starting point for an itinerary of land and sea, which takes us from the shores of the North Sea to legendary Baghdad, from sunny Morocco to the Danubian steppes, from Baltic beaches to the Negev desert. All thanks to the kaleidoscope of images proffered by the works of over 6,300 artists. In addition, Join the Dots is a series of meetings and events that will animate the summer in Trieste, with a calendar of activities that is currently being defined.

This Is Not A Love Song
by Igor Štromajer

Imago Mundi Art, Benetton Collection
Collection: Voices of Transition
Materials: Hard drive, wood

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TVS – Ch. 1

Osmi dan, TVS
10. maj 2018, novinarka: Pija Svetec

┗◯▲◯┛ #interview
TV Slovenia, Channel 1 / Arts & Culture
Thursday, 10 May 2018

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3¦×Fń–Qé3 = Mià† v Literaturi

Igor Štromajer




LUD Literatura, maj 2018 | #Poezija

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Power to the Viewer

Power to the Viewer
by Randall Packer,
April 2018

+ more info:
Art of the Networked Practice – Social Broadcasting: an Unfinished Communications Revolution, a three-day international gathering presenting keynotes, live internet performances, and global roundtable discussions / Online Symposium, March 2018

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Online En-semble – Entanglement Training

Online En-semble – Entanglement Training
Live Online Performance
by Annie Abrahams (NL/FR)

with Antye Greie (DE/FI), Helen Varley Jamieson (NZ/DE), Soyung Lee (KR), Huong Ngô (HK/USA), Daniel Pinheiro (VE/PT), Igor Štromajer (SI/DE), and the students from the School of Art, Design & Media, Singapore

Thursday, 29 March 2018, 7am-10am CDT / 8am-11am EDT / 2pm-5pm CEDT / 8pm-11pm SGT
+ Symposium recordings / archives / video

– in the frame of the online symposium Art of the Networked Practice – Social Broadcasting: an Unfinished Communications Revolution, School of Art, Design & Media, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (29 – 31 March 2018, a collaboration between the School of Art, Design & Media at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore; LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore; and The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Department of Performance, USA)

Symposium Chair: Randall Packer, Associate Professor of Networked Art; Nanyang Technological University (NTU), School of Art, Design and Media, Singapore

Disentangling the Entanglements – an article by Randall Packer

Facebook: Third Space Network
Twitter: @thirdspacenet

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by !gor &# 352;tromajer

Ten AES-256 encrypted and password protected .ioi files
(256-bit encryption algorithm)

– file #1: _.ioi
– size: 143 KB

– file #2: __.ioi
– size: 81 KB

– file #3: ___.ioi
– size: 193 KB

– file #4: ____.ioi
– size: 163 KB

– file #5 _____.ioi
– size: 884 KB

– file #6: ______.ioi
– size: 68 KB

– file #7: _______.ioi
– size: 389 KB

– file #8: ________.ioi
– size: 253 KB

– file #9: _________.ioi
– size: 256 KB

– file #10: __________.ioi
– size: 428 KB

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Igor Štromajer aka intima is a pseudo-/para-/proto-artist. He has shown his work at more than two hundred fifty exhibitions, festivals and biennials worldwide, among others at the transmediale, ISEA, EMAF, SIGGRAPH, Ars Electronica Futurelab, V2_, IMPAKT, CYNETART, Manifesta, FILE, Stuttgarter Filmwinter, Hamburg Kunsthalle, ARCO, Banff Centre, Les Rencontres Internationales, The Wrong – New Digital Art Biennale, etc.

His works are included in the permanent collections of the Centre Pompidou in Paris, the MNCA Reina Sofía in Madrid, Computer Fine Arts in New York, and UGM:

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