35th Stuttgarter Filmwinter

35th Stuttgart Filmwinter — Festival for Expanded Media
Stuttgart, 7–16 January 2022

Media in Space & Network Culture
Expanded Media Exhibition
Projektraum Kunstverein Wagenhalle, Stuttgart

a festival for all and none


Igor Štromajer participating with 3¦×Fń–Qé3 = Mià+ • eight computer/procedurally-generated post-¹, proto-², algorithmic, meta-pop³ pseudo-songs • video set



3¦×Fń–Qé3 = Mià+ is a procedurally generated meta-pop music and video set by Igor Štromajer and his computers, both sung and performed by them. The lyrics for the songs were code extracted from jpeg images and converted into texts. The music was procedurally/computer-generated using various algorithms and applications that automatically converted the lyrics to music (text-to-music) and combined the resulting music with the sung lyrics. In the same process, the lyrics themselves became singable, they were given melodies (text-to-singing).


Expanded Media Podcast • Text/Concept: Sara Dahme, Music/Mix: Michael Fiedler • Network Culture 5: 3¦×Fń–Qé3 = Mià+

↑ 3¦×Fń–Qé3 = Mià+ (Projektraum Kunstverein Wagenhalle, Stuttgart)
Photo: Daniela Wolf

↑ 3¦×Fń–Qé3 = Mià+ (Projektraum Kunstverein Wagenhalle, Stuttgart)
Photo: Daniela Wolf

Projektraum Kunstverein Wagenhalle, Stuttgart
Photo: Daniela Wolf

Projektraum Kunstverein Wagenhalle, Stuttgart
Photo: Daniela Wolf

Projektraum Kunstverein Wagenhalle, Stuttgart
Photo: Daniela Wolf


↑ 3¦×Fń–Qé3 = Mià+ (Projektraum Kunstverein Wagenhalle, Stuttgart)


1. ×kX‹-+Ô[ô |Ń‚xăö9 (3:59)
2. ×›lëśßwp^Ů ßc W (3:22)
3. -ľH°¦Y˙7y=¹^=Q _-Můě (3:44)
4. éOŁs=•üVz˙ Ľ‚;z—xľ,? (2:23)
5. 9熰¬ý3÷ °¬ 1É ›‘i (4:00)
6. Hh…og“mS~ÍÖθŐZ» (2:39)
7. Éc Ö=ě ŢĘS÷…O‚ ü (3:26)
8. ¦¬+ 2g™-.Ä Š›ó weX (4:00)



The Large Glass

The Large Glass
Journal of Contemporary Art, Culture and Theory
Големото стакло

The New Reality
No. 31/32, December 2021
Museum of Contemporary Art Skopje
Музеј на современата уметност Скопје

In this issue:
“Igor Štromajer: a=tF² · To find the art (a), you multiply the time (t) by the square of the force (F)”


This volume of the The Large Glass compares various contributions on ‘The new reality’, a reality, which has been shaped by events throughout 2020 and 2021. Starting from the early period of the pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns, closed borders coupled with forms of social antagonism, struggles, discrimination and exclusion of people from economic activity and political participation, as well as the ongoing climate emergency and ecological destruction. This challenging context not only creates a political emergency, but also an artistic state of emergency.




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Qé3 [poetry]

3¦×Fń–Qé3= Miá+
[algorithmic poetry]
December 2021 edition

33 computer-generated and computer-read (TTS) poems by Igor Štromajer and his computers

• read in Catalan, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish, and Swedish language



3¦×Fń–Qé3= Miá+
-oµ4× [pdf]
one hundred and one poems co-written by a human and a machine



other versions (txt, audio, video, etc.)

One-Off Moving Image Festival 2021

4th One-Off Moving Image Festival
7–14 November 2021
Noemata, Valencia (Spain) + Gol (Norway) + online

• One-second movies, off takes, and 60 seconds movies on the theme ‘After Is Now’
One-Off Festival is part of The Wrong biennale nº5 (1 November 2021 – 1 March 2022), the movies are screened on the One-Off channel at The Wrong TV
• 11–18 November 2021 ⇢ AOS – arebyte on screen


Author: Igor Štromajer
4:3, 1 sec, 1920 x 1440 pix, stereo

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└⦿✚⦿┘ live ⇢ Berlin

3¦×Fń–Qé3 = Mià+
[post-¹ proto-² algorithmic meta-pop³] pseudo-concert by Igor Štromajer & his computers

⊷ live at and from, Berlin
Saturday, 30 October 2021 at 18:00 (Berlin time)


lyrics: computer-generated · text-to-singing · sung by computers
music: procedurally generated · performed by computers


YouTube live / video doc (32 min)

Instagram Live Video (30 minutes)

FB Event



Exhibition at panke.gallerya=tF² by Igor Štromajer, 9–30 October 2021

a=tF² ⇢ To find the art (a), you multiply the time (t) by the square of the force (F²), Gerichtstr. 23, Hof V, 13347 Berlin Wedding




created by / @llllll__lllllll
October 2021


#punk 093 magnetic ::: animated #gif

Igor Štromajer

a=tF² · · Berlin

solo exhibition by Igor Štromajer, Berlin
curator: Sakrowski

opening: Saturday, 9 October 2021 at 7 pm
exhibition: 9–30 October 2021


To find the art (a), you multiply the time (t) by the square of the force (F²).



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“Watch out for false artists. They come to you in artists’ clothing, but inwardly they are lifeless algorithms.”
Mathview 7:15


• FB Event
• FB Photo Album

Gerichtstraße 23
Hof 5
13347 Berlin Wedding


opening hours: Wednesday – Saturday | 3 pm – 7 pm




NETescopio • Algoritmia

Algoritmia | Art in the era of AI
MEIAC (Extremadura and Ibero-American Museum of Contemporary Art)
Badajoz, Spain, 19 February – 2 May 2021
Curator: Gustavo Romano

Publication of the catalogue: September 2021

Some NETescopio artists (Arcángel Constantini, Giselle Beiguelman, Maite Cajaraville, Belén Gache, Daniel García Andújar, Eduardo Kac, Igor Štromajer), pioneers of net art, were invited to answer the following question:

Q: “We live immersed in an irreversible digitalization process that has accelerated during the last 25 years, with the appearance of the WWW. We have seen the emergence of a whole series of complex dynamics derived from the actions of new human-technological assemblages, artificial intelligence and new algorithms that regulate all types of exchanges. In the field of art, technology should no longer be considered as a production tool, but as the environment within which works are produced.
In this context, what do you think that have been the most defining changes in these 25 years? How do you experience them as an artist and how do they affect your production? What differences do you find between creating in the late 1990s and creating now?”

iinet Continue reading “NETescopio • Algoritmia” ⇢ Cube.Zero
platform launch & group show, Berlin

opening: 29 August 2021, 3–10 pm
exhibition: 29 August – 14 September 2021
(open: Wednesday–Saturday, 3–7 pm)

Alexandra Leykauf, Alessandro Valentino, Christin Haupt, Dirk Paesmans, Esben Holk, Hannah Rumstedt, Igor Štromajer, Jelena Viskovic, Jeremy Bailey, Joachim Blank, Milena Zuccarelli, Tamás Páll, Tereza Havlíkova, Tuğçe Yücetürk, Wiebke Hurrelmann & t.b.a.

concept: Sakrowski / Jeremy Bailey
coding: Vincent van Uffelen
design: Larissa Wunderlich
poster/batches design: Anna Luise Lorenz
infrastructure: !Mediengruppe Bitnik
contributors: Ela Kagel, Noemi Garay


Dimensions: 1m³ (1×1×1 m)
Edition of 3
Price: € 3000


In 1996, Štromajer used an animated gif of a spinning cube in his first net art work 0.html. 25 years later, Sakrowski reprogrammed and remodeled it into an augmented reality artwork.


On the occasion of the launch of the new platform, presents a hybrid group exhibition with experimental Augmented Reality works. The open platform makes it easy to exhibit, collect and discuss Augmented Reality works and allows artists to sell their works as NFTs. Since the platform is organized as a cooperative, profits will be shared among the artists. As part of the project openAR, the exhibition and platform have been developed in collaboration between workshop participants and digital artists Jeremy Bailey, Sarah Buser and Tamás Páll. The works examine the possibilities of AR technology in artistic applications. Visual, acoustic and performative Augmented Reality formats can be experienced in the exhibition.

Supported by Neustart Kultur & Canada Council for the Arts