└⦿✚⦿┘ furry

I described myself to Stable Diffusion and then asked it to turn me into a furry toy.




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└⦿✚⦿┘ oxidized

➠ oxidized by DALL·E 2


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└⦿✚⦿┘ ko-sometsuke

└⦿✚⦿┘ 古染付け
➠ ko-sometsuke by Midjourney AI




+ woolitized
+ furry
+ 3D
+ origamified
+ oxidized

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└⦿✚⦿┘ origamified

➠ origamified by playgroundAI:


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└⦿✚⦿┘ woolitized

➠ woolitized and toyified by playgroundAI:




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a=tF² chatGPT_sonnet

I asked chatGPT to write a sonnet about the mathematical equation a=tF² (to find the art, you multiply the time by the square of the force).

𝓪 = 𝓽 𝓕 ²

In tech we trust, the art of our demise,
An algorithm of control, cold and sly.
Where time and force, in deadly balance lies,
A glimpse of something sinister, to spy.

For as the force, with tech, doth amplify
The time it takes, doth also multiply.
And so the art, from this equation, sighs
Is born, in tyranny and malady.

But as with all things, balance must be sought,
For too much force or time, will lead to strife.
The perfect balance is a mere facade,

A trap that leads to our own downfall, life.
Oh tech-born art, thy secrets now are mine,
In this algorithm, our freedom entwine.

To find the art (a), you multiply the time (t) by the square of the force (F)

└⦿✚⦿┘ code.ChatGPT

[test _ a=tF²]

I asked ChatGPT to provide me with a code for a simple animated web page in my └⦿✚⦿┘ style and with my typical visuals. Here is the result:


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ChatGPT: Štromajer vs. Kruger

test N.3 / things we love to hate and hate to love
[January 2023]
– over a lazy Sunday morning coffee, I asked ChatGPT to write a comparative analysis between my work and that of Barbara Kruger



Igor Štromajer and Barbara Kruger are both notable figures in the world of contemporary art, but they work in different mediums and their art explores different themes. However, they share some similarities in their exploration of social and political issues. Continue reading “ChatGPT: Štromajer vs. Kruger”

3D └⦿✚⦿┘

I asked Midjourney AI to 3D me.




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