Anatomy Live

Anatomy Live: Performance and the Operating Theatre
Edited by Maaike Bleeker

Amsterdam University Press 2008
ISBN 978 90 5356 516 2
272 pages, paperback
(156 x 234 cm)

A groundbreaking new perspective on the human body in performance

— includes: Anatomies of Live Art; text by Dr Sally Jane Norman (also about Ballettikka Internettikka by Igor Štromajer & Brane Zorman)

Anatomy Live uses the anatomical theatre as a means to obtain a cultural-historical perspective on the relationships between representations and the performativity of knowledge, all subjects currently under discussion in a variety of disciplines. The authors demonstrate how the implications of this history can be seen at work in the appearance of dancing and acting bodies on stage. But they also show how contemporary theatre and performance ‘talks back’ to this history, critizising its implications and arguing for alternatives.

Anatomy Live, Performance and the Operating Theatre is the first title in the series MediaMatters; a new series at Amsterdam University Press about media, digital culture and technology.


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