Net Work, Munich

Gretta Louw: Net Work

27 November – 31 December 2014

Opening hours:
Mo – Fr, 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM

In the months November and December Gretta Louw will be PLATFORMS Guest Artist. The proposed 2-month project “Net Work” will incorporate a series of live and online networked performances and events during the first month of project development, followed by a one-month exhibition, with scope for artist talks, exhibition tours, and panel discussions. The project will be coordinated and curated by Gretta Louw and will include works from established artists and significant thinkers in the field including amongst others Igor Štromajer, Annie Abrahams, plan b (Sophia New and Daniel Belasco Rogers), and Luke Munn.


— I. Štromajer: MLNA
(taken from Abrahams & Štromajer: Beyond (spectacle) – Episode II)

Net Work ist eine von Gretta Louw kuratierte Ausstellung. Sie behandelt Arbeiten, die sich an der Schnittstelle von Performance und Netzkunst befinden. Das aufkommende Genre ‚Netzwerk Performance‘ kann nicht nur starke Statements über die Entwicklung der Kunstgeschichte geben, sondern auch über unsere Beziehung zu Technologie und deren Einfluss auf Kultur, Gesellschaft, Arbeitskraft und Psychologie.

Die Ausstellung zeigt Arbeiten von Gretta Louw, Luke Munn, Igor Štromajer, Annie Abrahams und plan b (Sophia New und Daniel Belasco Rogers) sowie ein neues Projekt, das von Louw während ihrer Residency im Gastatelier der PLATFORM konzipiert wurde: The Net Work Compendium ist eine sich stets weiterentwickelnde Kollektion künstlerischer Kurzfilme, die mit digitalen Netzwerken und Performativität arbeiten und dem Zuschauer eine einzigartige Einführung zu dieser Avantgarde-Form der Kunstproduktion geben.


Gretta Louw is a multi-disciplinary artist working predominantly with digital media and networked performance, whose practice explores the potential of art as a means of investigating cultural and psychological phenomena, particularly in relation to new technologies and the internet. Her research-based practice draws on media and psychology theory to explore the boundaries and universalities of the human psyche, and examine the influence of technological change. Louw was born in South Africa but grew up in Australia; she received her BA in 2001 from the University of Western Australia and Honours in Psychology in 2002, subsequently living in Japan and New Zealand before moving to Berlin in 2007. In recent years she has received numerous awards from German and Australian funding bodies, including the Mannheimer Kunstpreis, and participated in residencies in Australia, Israel, and the US. Her work has been exhibited widely – in New York, Berlin, Jakarta, and Tel Aviv, amongst others – including in a number of public institutions such as the Kunstmuseum Solothurn, Stadtgalerie Mannheim, and Kunstverein Ludwigshafen. In 2012 she released her first book, Controlling_Connectivity: Art, Psychology, and the Internet, followed in 2013 by Warnayaka Art Centre: Art in the Digital Desert, and most recently, the release of her first catalogue Works 2011-2014 in July, 2014. Louw lives and works between Germany and Australia.


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