One-Off and 60-sec Festivals

One-Off Moving Image Festival 2020 – Browsing Right and Wrong
10–16 February 2020
Noemata, Valencia (Spain) & Gol (Norway)
[one-second videos]


13th 60 Seconds Festival 2020 – Right or Wrong / Browsing Your City
10–16 February 2020
60 sec, Copenhagen, Frederiksberg, Køge and Helsingør (Denmark)

Copenhagen Contemporary, Refshaleøen Copenhagen
Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art, Copenhagen
– Inner Harbour Bridge, Christianshavn
KØS Museum of Art in Public Spaces, Køge
– Frederiksberg Bibliotek
– UNION, Nørrebro
– Kulturværftet, Helsingør
– CBS/ Frederiksberg Center

Selected artists / One-Off Moving Image Festival 2020
[one-second videos]

Kristin Anderson
Lavoslava Benčić
Aad Björkro
Marijn Bril
Lénie Blue
Jen-Kuang Chang
Khalil Charif
Gene Chen
Pin-Hua Chen
osvaldo cibils
Cyborg Art Collective
Alexandre Duarte Bassani
Yossi Galanti
Eliot Gray Fisher
Max Herman
james a hutchinson
Jyun-Cheng Jian
Timo Kahlen
Ayshe Kizilçay & Adriano Perlini
Nicole Kouts
Olga Kowalska
Lin Li
Patrick Lichty
Bonnie MacAllister
Benna G. Maris
Konstantina Mavridou
Erik Nilsebraten
Silvia Nonnenmacher
serge onnen
Lorenzo Papanti
Bya de Paula
Susanne Layla Petersen
klaus pinter
Tija Place
Stefanie Reling-Burns
João Rocha
Natallia Sakalova
Nina Sobell
Igor Štromajer: 613d7446c2b2
Elle Thorkveld
Juergen Trautwein
A. P. Vague
tobias c. van Veen & ZiggZaggerZ
Ela Wysakowska-Walters
Hussel Zhu

+ Documentation 2020

Valencia: routers and QR-codes to screen the movies on smartphones in public spaces

Selected artists / 60 Seconds Festival
[one-second videos]

Benna G. Maris: The Blur
Elle Thorkveld: Surreal Search
Igor Štromajer613d7446c2b2
Juergen Trautwein: ONFF
Kristin Anderson: The Deluge U.S. News
Lin Li: Neither here nor there
Marijn Bril: Urban Zoom
Natallia Sakalova: Do not be afraid of
Pin-Hua Chen: Recycle
Stefanie Reling-Burns: Grateful Blur

613d7446c2b2 at Copenhagen Contemporary

60Seconds festival made possible with the support from Statens Kunstfond, Københavns Kommune, Det Danske Filminstitut, Amager Øst Lokaludvalg.

One-Off Moving Festival is organized by Noemata and is supported by Arts Council Norway.

Browsing right and wrong

The theme this year is right and wrong, their opposition and interrelatedness. Is there right and wrong, is there a right way and a wrong way? How do we navigate an increasingly complex and confusing world of facts and fakes? Are we approaching what André Breton wrote almost hundred years ago in his 1924 Manifesto, “I believe in the future resolution of these two states, dream and reality, which are seemingly so contradictory, into a kind of absolute reality, a surreality.” Or should it rather be called a subreality? What about right and left? Hemispheres? Do they relate to dream and reality? Wrong and right?

The surrealists, and later situationists, found ways of fusing the two, by allowing the subconscious, irrational and the wrong to play a part in the modern society of the spectacle. A special way of browsing the city and surroundings, called psychogeography, was developed as a wrong way to navigate the space, through random drift, programmed routes and playful games to unlock the desires, hidden motives and secrets of the city, and undermine the systemic right way of doing things.

Today we spend more and more of our time immersed in a virtual environment, browsing the internet, scrolling feeds, window-shopping in the big avenues, maybe discovering small alleys and websites. Our social behaviour is just as much regulated by our browsing as it is by navigating urban space. Facebook, instagram, Google and other mega big, virtual cities regulate, monitor, store and control our movements and behaviour on the net, defining a right way of browsing, a right way of using the net. Indeed, the freedom of internet and browsing is quickly turning into a culture of political correctness, social peer-pressure, and surveillance. Do we need a psychogeography for the net, methods for browsing wrong, ways to restore our freedom in the virtual landscape? We invite to you explore ways of browsing right and wrong.

One-Off Festival and 60Seconds Festival screen movies in urban, public space, with Wifi-routers, NFC- and QR-tags, and onto walls of buildings and streets. The audience is people wandering the city. In this sense the festival is an intervention in the city, providing alternative perspectives, ways of seeing, ways of browsing the city, a kind of psychogeography. We’re looking for works that can explore, interprete and comment on the festival as interventions in urban space.

Browsing, our use of the net, is also a kind of wandering but in virtual space. We’d like to provide a way of self-reflecting on the ways we are browsing and using the net. It’s something we can relate to immediately as everybody is browsing on the phone or computer, in the streets or at home. Imagine a small screen blown up to the size of wall, screened in public space. What would be an interesting work? Ways of browsing, ways of seeing, right and wrong. A psychogeography of virtual spaces, screened in public spaces! We invite you to send us your movie.

About One-Off Moving Image festival

One-Off Moving Image Festival is collaborating with 60Seconds Festival for call, theme, movies and screenings, and both festivals run in ‍parallel. We’re sharing the works so the screenings are a mix of 60 seconds and one second movies. ‍One-Off is focusing on virtual screenings using QR-codes, local wifi-hotspots for people to engage with their smart devices, while 60Secs ‍is making physical screenings using projectors. We both use public space as plattform for the screenings.

One-Off is an offspring of the Leap Second Festival, an x-ennale lasting ‍one second. Since the leapseconds are inserted into clock-time irregularly, we wanted in addition ‍to have a yearly festival of one second movies, also to be able to run in parallel with 60Secs Festival. 60Secs on their side has more than ten ‍years of experience in organizing screenings of short movies in public space (streets, walls, metro).



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