!gor #352; +

1st rehearsal!

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suburban- electro- post- pseudo- meta- proto-
punk concert
by !gor #352;

_MG_4994photo Ernst Thürnau

→ coming up:
Maska 2023
Ljubljana, September 2023
LIVE in & from Kino Šiška


_MG_5027photo Ernst Thürnau

Are you ready for a revolution? Are you ready to follow the sound of the proto-guru of the categorical imperative? Prepare yourself for a seismic shift and don’t miss !gor #352;‘s autumn electro-post-pseudo-meta-proto-punk concert! The non-amateur level pseudo-artist, grandmaster of the use of cables, wires and switches as tools for social and political change, an internet algorithm in the form of a human being who found love in a hopeless place, will take you on a turbo-sonic journey towards political empowerment, culminating in apocalyptic inspiration, and will use his musical ignorance to convey a universal transhuman message of political anxiety.

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Author: intima.org

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