Hack the City!


New upcoming Ballettikka Internettikka by Igor Štromajer and Brane Zorman is going to be realized live in Seoul, Korea, and exhibited at the Digital Playground 2008 in The Total Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea, on 22 July 2008. The theme of the Digital Playground 2008 is “Hack the City!”

– Exhibition Title: Digital Playground 2008 “Hack the City!”
– Date: 22 July – 24 Aug 2008
– Venue: TMCA (Total Museum of Contemporary Art)
– Sponsors: Soul of Asia, Korea Foundation

Artists alone can’t change the world. Neither can anyone else, alone. But we can choose to be part of the world that is changing.” (Lucy R. Lippard, “Trojan Horses: Activist Art and Power,” in Brian Wallis, ed., Art After Modernism; Rethinking representation, Boston, 1995[1984], p.344)

Recently, the outlook of Seoul is rapidly changing. It means we are surrounded by ‘under construction’ sign boards. Seoul is under-construction. One day we have the artificial river Cheonggae-cheon at the down town, huge buildings, parks. What is changing is not only the outlook, but our daily life also. Last year Seoul city government announced a big plan called ‘Seoul City Gallery Project‘ which is for making Seoul the art city. Many art works are installed on the streets, overpasses, parks etc. However, it is time to ‘Hack the city!’

TMCA, Seoul

This Digital Playground 2008 “Hack the City!” project consists of two parts. First part is related to actual data which artists get from Seoul City, such as traffic flow, sound capture and transfer, and other official statistic data. For this purpose TMCA collaborates with media lab in universities. EWHA Womans University and Chung-Ang University joined the Digital Playground 2008. Through regular meetings and discussions, they are developing new projects for “Hack the City.” The second part is closed to media activism and performance. Like Balettikka Internettikka from Slovenia and Graffitti Research Lab from USA, they go into the society in order to re-think the social systems by interventions and physical hacking.

Nathalie Boseul Shin, TMCA Curator

Keywords: Hacking, City, Network, Intervention, Mobile

Total Museum of Contemporary Art
465-16 Pyeongchang-dong, Jongro-gu
Seoul 110-012, Korea

t: 82.2.379.3994/7037
f: 82.2.379.0252
info [at] totalmuseum.org

[Seoul photo by Trey Ratcliff, Stuck In Customs]

Author: intima.org

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