History: Art.Teleportacia banner

# History

Art.Teleportacia banner by Igor Stromajer

Art.Teleportacia animated banner, made by Igor Štromajer for Olia Lialina in 1998 (made out of the scanned title of the interview, published in the local newspaper / an interview about Olia Lialina’s presentation in Maribor, Slovenia).

Translation of the Slovenian text: “Teleportation by Olia Lialina”.

Published also in: Internet Art (World of Art) by Rachel Greene, Thames & Hudson, London, 2004 (without credits).

Animated GIF (full-size version) – http://art.teleportacia.org/office/banner/intima.gif
Art.Teleportacia – http://art.teleportacia.org

Olia Lialina - the interview, Vecer, 18 May 1998

Click here (1.2 MB, JPEG) to read/see the interview (in Slovenian language only); Večer, 18 May 1998, Maribor, Slovenia; journalist: Darinko Kores Jacks.

Author: intima.org

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