Dialogi št. 5-6 10

Dialogi št. 5-6 10
(avgust 2010)

Bojana Kunst in Igor Štromajer:
Hamburški dnevnik


Založba Aristej, Maribor, Slovenija

Dialogi is one of Slovenia’s oldest cultural journals. It has been published in Maribor since 1965. Dialogi was created through the efforts of numerous generations of Maribor’s intellectuals and literati; during some periods it has been predominantly a literary journal, during others it has encompassed wider cultural topics.
From 1994 on, when Založba Aristej (Aristej Publishing House) became its publisher, it began to develop as an intellectual journal oriented towards both a Slovenian and international readership. The editorial board publishes and encourages critical thought from various fields in the arts, humanities, and social sciences, with special consideration for civil society, independent culture, and socially engaged intellectuals. The discerning reader can find in Dialogi in-depth interviews with Slovenian and foreign cultural figures and reviews of domestic and international arts events, including those, which are frequently overlooked by the commercialized mass media. A particular feature of the magazine, evoking the most responses, is the thematic sets of articles devoted to a specific topic of current interest. In keeping with the tradition of Slovenian cultural journals, Dialogi also publishes original and translated works of fiction in a special section.
In April of 1999 Dialogi became the first magazine from Slovenia to partner with Eurozine, an international network, which has joined together European cultural journals since 1989, facilitating a rich and free European dialogue and public space.

Author: intima.org

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