Is This Art? Is This Life? – Neue Klarheit (New Clarity)

neue klarheit
vkunst frankfurt IV
media and video art exhibition

Exhibition dates: from April 20 to 21, 2012
Exhibition times: daily, from 8:00 pm to midnight

Is This Art? Is This Life? videos (2011), created by Igor Štromajer, will be shown at the neue klarheit (new clarity) – media and video art exhibition (v_kunst) in Frankfurt.

Location: A. J. Keller und B. Berresheim, Architekten, Fahrgasse 26, 60311 Frankfurt [LichtAn:LichtAus]

vkunst frankfurt is once again taking place in the town center of Frankfurt/Main. The exhibition deals with current video art trends and the direction that this art form is heading. The title “neue klarheit” incorporates philosophy, history, time, and pictures. The moving picture is explored further at this year’s event in order to gain a better understanding of the universe of possible actions in media and video art. Most of the galleries as well as some shops in Frankfurt’s Fahrgasse street once again host the exhibition. And, in doing so, they provide the framework for an open air exhibition hall.


Is This Art? Is This Life? (by Igor Štromajer)
Photos: Galerie Greulich, Frankfurt a.M.

Video documentation:


Aims of the 2012 exhibition “neue klarheit”:
With this year’s title, “neue klarheit”, the fourth edition of vkunst frankfurt focuses on the meaning of order and clarity in a world that becomes more and more complex. With the use of projections, interactive equipment, and animated computer art, the artists exhibit their animated works of art in the participating galleries during the course of two evenings (from 8:00 pm to midnight). vkunst frankfurt takes place annually.

Galerie Greulich
Fahrgasse 22
D-60311 Frankfurt


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