History: Hamburger Kunsthalle, 1997

Extension – Das Netz als Material und Gegenstand
Hamburger Kunsthalle, 1997

[Intimate Locative Hamburg/HHistory, 13 years ago]

“Aus ca. 200 eingesandten Projekten traf die Jury (Dr. Uwe M. Schneede, Rainer Wörtmann, Dellbrügge & de Moll, Valie Export, Dr. Dieter Daniels) ihre Auswahl.”

Die Preisträger
3. Preis (DM 3.000): Igor Stromajer: “0.html” (January 1996)

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ACAF Alexandria

Alexandria Contemporary Arts Forum (ACAF); Cleotronica: Festival for Media, Art, and Socio-Culture; Alexandria, Egypt

Cleotronica [#1] [#2]

– Exhibition opening: 1 May 2008
– Symposium: 1 and 2 May 2008

Curator: Bassam El Baroni

– Exhibiting and presenting: The Netherlands is respectful. Russia is corrupt. (Igor Stromajer), Ballettikka Internettikka Stattikka (I. Stromajer & Brane Zorman) and Intima Virtual Base

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Economie 0 / Upgrade! Paris: Das Kapital

Economie 0 / Upgrade! Paris – exhibition; Incident.net; at La Ménagerie de verre and Ars Longa, Paris France; 15-17 February 2008 (48 hours non-stop, open day & night)

— Exhibiting & performing: Das Kapital by Igor Stromajer (16 February 2008 at 10 AM Paris local time; GMT/UTC+1)

Igor Stromajer: Das Kapital

Stromajer’s personal computer runing a text-to-speech software/robot, reading Das Kapital by Karl Marx (The Capital – A Contribution to the Criticism of Political Economy, Volume One) teaching other computers about the utopia of capitalism!

Computers of the world, unite!

Live internet broadcast from Amsterdam to Paris. Duration: 60 minutes.

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Visual Foreign Correspondents

Visual Foreign Correspondents in cooperation with De Balie Centre for Culture and Politics and De Volkskrant (Oog), Amsterdam, The Netherlands, February 2008

— Exhibiting: The Netherlands is respectful. Russia is corrupt. by Igor Stromajer

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transmediale.08 – CONSPIRE…

transmediale.08 – CONSPIRE…ExhibitionHaus der Kulturen der Welt (guest- curated by Nataša Petrešin-Bachelez), Berlin, Germany, January / February 2008

— Exhibiting: SilentCell NetworkLooping Homan Sharifi by Mare Bulc, Janez Janša, Bojana Kunst, Igor Štromajer

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Night of Networks

Night of Networks – art and culture happening, University of Turku (Department of Digital Culture, Pori), Rosenlew museum, January / February 2008, Pori, Finland

— Exhibiting: Intima Virtual Base