3 hours in 1 second

3 hours in 1 second
or “What can I say with one Playlist?”

Exhibition | ON-LINE Exhibition

# exhibition opening:
Basso Berlin, 5 February 2010 at 7pm
Köpenickerstrasse 187/189, Berlin Kreuzberg

Meta-curator: Sakrowski – curatingyoutube.net

Thomas No:sler botnik.net; Constant Dullaart constantdullaart.com; Franz Thalmair cont3xt.net; Bennett Williamson codeblooded.net; Cory Arcangelcoryarcangel.com; Exonemo exonemo; Sakrowski ikonoskop; Igor Štromajer intima.org; JODI jodi.org; Joel Holmberg joelholmberg.com; Simon Ruschmeyer movingweb.org; Sandra Naumann see-this-sound.at; Guthrie Lonergan theageofmammals.com; Xjimendez Carlos Leon cleonxjimenez

Igor Štromajer – Intima Virtual Base is presenting three CuratingYouTube works:
Love Without Mercy
The Class Struggle

(intima.org: Love Without Mercy)

(intima.org: Imagine)

“Zoinks! 20 Hours of Video Uploaded Every Minute!”
YouTube Product Manager Ryan Junee, 20 May 2009

Author: intima.org

a=tF² • └⦿✚⦿┘

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