BI Insecttikka Test

Testing two new autonomous robotic toy bugs/insects (guerrilla intruders / silent invaders) with mechanical and magnetic sensors, equipped with wireless micro camera. Possible result: Ballettikka Internettikka Insecttikka, May 2010, Amsterdam.

They are based on simple (£10) toys, therefore very limited in motion, although they have three sensors each. Especially the two tentacles (front) sensors are amazing, so real. But this limitation in motion fits well into the low-tech Ballettikka Internettikka concept. We are adding some qualities, like two extra side-sensors, more powerful mini-batteries, micro-cam etc, because the intention is to put them into a building and let them explore/dance on their own (monitoring their video signal live, but not controlling them remotely) in order to create an autonomous ballet invasion with live Internet broadcast.


a=tF² • └⦿✚⦿┘

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