Townhouse Gallery, Cairo

Townhouse Gallery for contemporary art
Cairo, Egypt
24 November 2011

Die Die Die Beauty (online streaming video by Igor Štromajer, 2007; a part of Breaking Solitude series by Annie Abrahams) is shown in the context of the exhibition called Talk to Me by the Townhouse Gallery for contemporary art in Cairo, Egypt.

Talk to Me is an exhibition that looks at interpersonal communication and the possibility to create intimacy through virtual spaces. It’s taking place in the context of an event series called d1sc0nN3ct, which explores different ways of presenting digital/new media work.

7012: Die Die Die Beauty

Beauté De Matrice De Matrice De Matrice
Meurs Meurs Meurs Beauté
Cette Cette Cette Beauté

Live Internet Performance

# in the frame of the Breaking Solitude by Annie Abrahams; Montpellier, France
26 November 2007; Duration: 20 minutes

Invited Artist: Igor Štromajer
e-Performing Artists: Martina Ruhsam, Vlado Gotvan Repnik

Co-produced by Intima Virtual Base (Slovenia) and Association Panoplie (France) in collaboration with (France)

20 Nov 2011: “As you may have seen in the news, the situation in Cairo has become unstable. Because Townhouse Gallery of contemporary art is right down the street from Tahrir Square, we are in close proximity to the clashes and have had to temporarily close, and we are not sure when we will be able to resume normal programming. The ‘Talk to Me’ show at the internet cafe will therefore have to be postponed, hopefully to a date next week, depending on the situation here. Thank you for your understanding.” — New event date: 4 December 2011


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