0§ń–M=5¦é× $iᆠ– Blank_Protest – Maska

Igor Štromajer
0§ń–M=5¦é× $iá†

On the project: Blank_Protest.
Maska Journal, Gestures of Resistance, Vol. XXVII, No. 151–151, Winter 2012, p. 98–105, editor: Martina Ruhsam.
Details + PDF: http://bit.ly/WYuZrk
Reference: www.intima.org/miat

0§ń–M=5¦é× $iá†

0§ń–M=5¦é× $iá†

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Dom kulture Velenje, 24. November 2012, 8 pm

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Townhouse Gallery, Cairo

Townhouse Gallery for contemporary art
Cairo, Egypt
24 November 2011

Die Die Die Beauty (online streaming video by Igor Štromajer, 2007; a part of Breaking Solitude series by Annie Abrahams) is shown in the context of the exhibition called Talk to Me by the Townhouse Gallery for contemporary art in Cairo, Egypt.

Talk to Me is an exhibition that looks at interpersonal communication and the possibility to create intimacy through virtual spaces. It’s taking place in the context of an event series called d1sc0nN3ct, which explores different ways of presenting digital/new media work.

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Comments on media

22 and 23 September 2009 at 10.10 PM in the Old Power Station in Ljubljana (Ex Ponto, Slovenia). Live Internet broadcast also in Kanuti Gildi SAAL in Tallinn (Estonia; local time: 11.10 PM) and the TPN / Auditório de Alfornelos (The Intensive Art Care Proto) in Amadora (Portugal; local time: 9.10 PM).


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Shortly After The Re_Move

Shortly After The Re_Move
The Performative Machine and The Exhibition in Progress

Kmalu po premiku
dogodkovni stroj in razstava v nastajanju


[by] Aleksei Blinov, Robert Klančnik, Vlado G. Repnik, Martina Ruhsam, Igor Štromajer, Veronika Zott

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The Big Kiss in Ljubljana

The Big Kiss

Live Internet Broadcast Performance by Annie Abrahams (Ljubljana)

The Big Kiss in Ljubljana

“Machine mediated kissing in a performance = drawing with your tongue = taking pleasure, while constructing an image = a way to be superaware of the other = never totally abandoning yourself = ???????? = not at all like real kissing, it is better! This might be a female point of view.”
Annie Abrahams

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