The NL is respectful. RUS is corrupt.

The Netherlands is respectful. Russia is corrupt.

Visual Foreign Correspondents

Urban Video
by Igor Stromajer

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, February 2008

Co-produced by Intima Virtual Base (Slovenia), De Balie Centre for Culture and Politics, De Volkskrant (Oog) and The Netherlands Institute for Media Art

In his work The Netherlands is respectful. Russia is corrupt. Štromajer is in search of current verdicts about the different countries from Eastern and Western Europe. They take the form of stereotypical sentences and surprising quotes and run parallel across the screen. The hierarchical devide between East and West changes once you try to read the sentences. The speed of the sentences makes the words tumble and meanings become interchangeable.

Visual Foreign Corespondents is a monthly series of audiovisual artworks for the public screen and online related to The Globalised Crystal Ball, an international debating program in De Balie. Distinguished artists from around the world are invited each month to give their personal visual commentary on events and situations from their local perspective.

Curated by Nanette Hoogslag, David Garcia, Petra Heck, Nat Muller, Eric Kluitenberg.

– Annet Dekker: Interview with Igor Stromajer (for VFC)

– video:

+ YouTube version

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