Education Through Art Practices

The Education Through Art Practices project establishes different forms of work and thought. Rethinking the status of education, especially its role within artistic creation, is today crucial, since we often notice that artistic creation is product-oriented and that it does not allow any space for research nor, consequently, learning through research. In order to create new forms and establish the conditions for different thought, we need to encourage research and establish situations that allow an open, but critical debate. A network of experts in various fields potentially makes possible the creation of a platform as a testing ground for thought, creation, questioning one’s own position and “the value of an artwork” and, last but not least, an opportunity to create new forms and approaches to artistic creation.

Bojana Kunst and Igor Štromajer
1 March 2010, CD, M3/M4
2 and 3 March 2010, CD, M3/M4
3.00 p.m. – 8.00 p.m.

Technological procedures today directly affect our bodies and the ways we experience closeness and intimacy. We will create a situation for a networked performance in which we will focus especially on the connection between technology and emotions, desire and connectivity. We can say we live in the time of the decline of discursive protocols and the increase of material ones. Instead of discursive negotiations, we perform technical procedures that immediately influence THE way we experience proximity, closeness and intimacy.

Bojana Kunst has a PhD in Philosophy. She currently works as an external professor at HafenCity in Hamburg. Her texts have been published worldwide in numerous international publications. Occasionally, she leads international workshops and seminars. For a number of years, she has worked as a dramaturge with different Slovenian directors and choreographers. She wrote three books, among them The Impossible Body – Body and Machine: Theatre, Representation of the Body and Relation to the Artificial (1999) and Dangerous Connections – Body, Philosophy and Relationship to the Artificial (2004).

Igor Stromajer ( is a multimedia artist and intimate mobile communicator. His work has been shown at numerous exhibitions and festivals in various countries and has received a number of awards. The Intima Virtual Base includes more than 50 projects, which have been shown at more than a hundred exhibitions in 45 countries. As artist-in-residence, he lectures at universities and contemporary art institutes in Europe, USA and Canada.

The project is supported by: Anna Lindh Foundation, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia
Partners: MASKA, ALF, L’animal a l’esquena, ZOUKAK, Cankarjev dom

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