ISEA2011 Lounge at Nuru Ziya

ISEA2011 Lounge @ Nuru_Ziya: 3rd Cocktail Hour, 18 September 2011.

Igor Štromajer @ ISEA2011 Nuru Ziya Lounge (Photo: Anne Roquigny)

One of the special ISEA2011 Nuru Ziya Lounge guests, Igor Štromajer, discusses the intrinsic and intimate entwinement of the virtual in everyday materiality.
Istanbul, Turkey – 18 September 2011

ISEA2011 Istanbul presents the Nuru Ziya Lounge hosted by Nuru Ziya Suites. The Nuru Ziya Lounge is directed by Stephen Kovats and act as a place for conversation and business. It favors art gatherings with a view to forge new alliances and synergies. It is possible to network, discuss new projects and develop ideas, with artists and curators convening in one single place for a rest and a chat during the busy schedule of ISEA2011 Istanbul.


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